Dr. Dre first Hip Hop Billionaire? Not Quite Yet…

By: Dj Steel

May 9, 2014



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In just a few short days Legendary producer, Dr. Dre could be leading the pack as far as net worth goes for a hip hop Mogul! Apple is in talks with Dre and co-owners to acquire the Beats By Dre brand for a whopping $3.2 Billion! Apple has been struggling with with their Iphone brand due to some stiff competition from Samsung with their Galaxy smartphone line and the company feels that they are in need of a some new swag to help push them along. But will the deal push Dre over the Billionaire mark? Not quite. There are reports that Dre owns a 20-25% stake in the Beats by Dre brand and if the deal goes through, after paying capital gains taxes and taking into consideration his current net worth, his estimated net worth will be around $800 million. This would still place him at the number one spot making him Hip Hops wealthiest mogul beating out Sean “Diddy” Combs by $100 million. All in all, its still a huge accomplishment! Congrats to Dre and the Beats Brand. More info can be found here….